Lifehacks #4

Ovi Demetrian Jr & Jen Hickman had already impressed with issues #1, 2 & 3 of Lifehacks as it’s consistency shone through and here we are at the finale.

The worlds of Joe & Lisa have clashed & combined over the story so far and while the cyber-detective thriller offered up some of your standard serial killer elements there was an instant freshness to it from that first page.  That’s continued here in the fourth & final issue of the series and while they’ve edged closer and closer to catching the killer they fell short in the last issue when Lisa was taken off the case.

That hasn’t stopped either of them pursuing it though and as Joe continues to feed information to her he’s keen to take more direct action by himself and that’s where this issue steps up the pace.  The detective work has already been done and the final pieces of the puzzle are starting to slip into place but the main hope is that they can both survive this case that’s seen their relationship evolve into a true friendship……and that gives this final chapter a real feeling of risk.

Ovi’s story is on point as per usual but just like in the previous issues he’s confident enough in Jen that he has some sections that don’t have dialogue or narration but just the art on show to tell the story.  Those moments help build a momentum that seems to build depending on how quickly you turn the page and when the dialogue does hit it’s just the right amount of content and the right amount of detail to push this into the page-turner it’s become.  The creative team is closing things out in this issue but the subtlety in its execution mixed with the pacing and connection between the two unlikely allies proves to be an intoxicating mix.

This closes out the series nicely with a real sense of achievement from characters, creators and more impressively the reader as we’ve helped the story flow along as a collective group to chase the final answers about who the killer is and what they’re motives are.  Better than that we’ve come to almost know Joe & Lisa like we do some of the great detective teams from movies, TV & beyond and that connection has been vital in making this story one that stays with you as much for the story as the art itself.  This ends up being as slick a 4-parter thriller you’ll read and I hope beyond hope that Ovi & Jen will return to either this world or at least another world that I can get lost in. Amazing stuff.

Get hold of the full series through the website or on Comixology now and find out what’s next over on the Facebook page.  You can also check out what else Ovi and Jen are working on over on their website & Twitter pages too:

Ovi – & @Ovidem

Jen – & @Umicorms



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