Writer/creator Chris Sides will release his latest book Impossible at next month’s LSCC and it marks the beginning of an ambitious trilogy of books featuring stories in The Frostbyte Legacy.

We follow astrophysicist Will McGillis as he’s drafted in by multi-national corporation Frostbyte Industries to join the crew of the AMALA it’s low-Earth orbit.  The AMALA’s goal is to help clean-up the space debris that’s clogging up the skies with an aim to aid the future missions of getting a new space station/port in place.  Will is an unknown element to the crew though and while it all seems fairly run-of-the-mill for them all, the plot takes an unexpected twist when we find out the crew’s real goal for the mission.

The futuristic story takes a turn at this point with sacrifices being made along the way for this “alternative” mission and as the facts gradually come to the surface there’s just as much at risk for the crew as their new member.  Will’s main focus is getting back to his family and when this seems less and less likely to happen the books title comes into play when the Impossible has to be achieved to survive.

We’ve already seen some great work from Chris in the Sliced Quarterly release, in his own Dark Matter, Whispering Sands and more but this feels like the most well-rounded and mainstream title he’s produced.  The pacing is fluid & on point with the twists & turns of the interactions between Will & the crew packing a real punch when the surprises come rolling.  The tension between them builds and just when you think things are inevitable or more clear-cut, Chris flips that on it’s head with a cliffhanger that leaves you with that “Fuck yeah!” feeling and a desperate need to know what happens next.

Partnering up with artist Jake Rowlinson & colourist Dan Franco is a master-stroke too as they capture the sci-Fi vibe amazingly well with the contrast between the vastness of space and claustrophobic surroundings of the shuttle both flowing with a great deal of energy. This leaves the events of the book feeling very tangible in their multi-panelled guise and it’s another indie release that lingers long after the last page is turned. Leaving you with the notion that this is the beginning of a strong run for Chris and that this trilogy has the best possible start in Impossible.

You can pick up Impossible at next month’s London Super Comic Con or you can pre-order through Chris’s online store, Amazon, Markosia, ComicHaus, Comixology or Drive Thru Comics.

You can also catch-up with the creators online too:

Chris – Website, Facebook & Twitter

Jake – Website, Facebook & Twitter

Dan – Website, Facebook & Twitter



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