The Human Beings #1 & 2

Stuart John McCune’s The Human Beings title was one I missed first time around on Kickstarter but thankfully the second issue campaign gave me a chance to delve into a title I’d heard a lot of buzz about.

The first thing I noticed about the first glimpse at issue #1 was how unique it seemed and when I started working through the mix of stories it became quickly evident that this was an anthology unlike any other I’d read before.  The stories were crammed with energy and the chaotic art style began to make more and more sense as the stories unraveled before me.

There’s a glorious weight of significance in each element and it’s only when we make the transition from short story to single-pager and back that we realise just how much the raw creativity has been distilled down to its essence.  Strange in places, dark in others and with an occasional burst of pace that allows the narrative & dialogue to escape form the pages into my ears – it all ends up becoming a revelation in every way.

While that notion could have been a bit of a one-hit wonder, it’s only when you reach for that second issue and start reading that you realise it’s not a fluke and that Stuart is in a league of his own in comic creating terms as the master-class continues. His characters are fresh, his situations are risky, poignant and engaging in every form they take and with his art packing a punch, it all ends up combining ideas & genres in a way that challenges the reader.

It just makes sense that this is an indie release as the lack of creative boundaries allows the limitless potential to shatter that 4th wall and allow the stories to become more than just a throwaway read but more an event we’ve lived.  I can’t remember the last time a comic went so far in the mainstream and there are a few that come close from the indie scene but these two issues alone become a new benchmark for comic reading & creativity.  The Human Beings ends up being a joy to read and a joy to look at but surpasses every preconceived notion I had from the glimpses I had seen or the buzz I had become aware of.  Great work from creator Stuart in every area makes sure that he’s someone to keep an eye on and adds his back-catalogue of releases to the “must catch-up with” category in the comic filing system in my head.

You can check out these and Stuart’s previous releases over on the Millicent Barnes Comics online store or on Comixology and keep updated with what else he’s working on over on Twitter.

You can also catch the 3rd issue (and these two) over on the campaign link below:

The Human Beings #3 Kickstarter



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