A Comic A Day in May – Day 31: Gods of Men #1

Creator Michael Phoenix brings us the first in his 4-part series Gods of Men that promises to be a superhero story with a difference.

Spinning out from a successful Kickstarter it features an all-powerful being called Sentinel who has taken things beyond the saving of lives or epic battles.  Instead he sets himself up as a self-proclaimed God who watches over the futuristic Earth from his throne on the moon.  He waits to hear key words that will trigger him into action and when they come the human race has no chance of pushing him back……that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

They throw everything the military has at him but with zero impact made it’s time that their tests took a step forward as they unleash their own newly formed super team to wrestle the control from his grasp and get home rule back in place.  It sounds simple right? but then in comics there’s nothing that easy and the battle that ensues takes them closer and closer to wasting their final chance……here’s hoping we get those other issues soon to find out what else happens in the battle for control.

It feels like a fresh, new direction to take for a superhero comic and while it’s no doubt been done before, Michael’s execution is on point for a debut issue.  He’s joined by artist Christian Paris & colourist Stefano Valentini who give this a 90’s comics vibe which adds a comforting nostalgic feel to the overall book as things progress.  Rob Jones mimic’s that 90’s feel as he adds another comic title to his long list of projects that he helps guide through with a nice flow to it.

Cracking debut that ends up feeling like much more of a significant event book than many we see from the big name publishers these days and with a character roster that’s found a solid footing from the first page I’m hopeful that the momentum will continue through the whole run.

You can check out more on Gods of Men over on Michael’s website now.



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