A Comic A Day in May – Day 30: Teeter Topple

Karl Slominski’s Teeter Topple graphic novel was released earlier this month through 215Ink and this unassuming book seemed to have a glimmer of something special about it.

It tells the story of 20-something Mark as he tries to come to terms with a personal tragedy that triggers a downward spiral like you’ve never seen before.  Bad enough that you lose your job and your world is turned upside down but to then have to return to the family home takes things to an all new level of desperation and while that could well have opened up a world of self-loathing his own warped psychosis takes him closer to the edge.

The only comfort he finds are in the company of the puppets he used to work with on TV and as he talks to them the world around him seems to blur into a vivid mix of nothing & everything at the same time.  It’s far from just a case of plodding along though as the real world drifts in and out to anchor him in reality as much as possible and the journey of self-discovery & acceptance keeps pushing him forward as he tries to desperately get back to some sort of stable existence that he can get something out of.

Karl’s story in these 80-odd pages becomes a tale that’s full of raw inventiveness that’s unlike anything I think I’ve read before.  Highly detailed & complex but relatable in so many ways through Mark’s personal struggle on how to cope with life and its cruel twists.  The art is glorious too as it seems to somehow capture a vast range of styles into one cohesive story that makes each page turn an adventure in itself.

Karl has produced something to really showcase his creative flair on both writing and art fronts and this ends up being a book with the unique ability to challenge & entertain in equal measure.  Track this down, pay whatever it costs but get hold of this and read it….you won’t be disappointed.

You can catch up with this and the other 215Ink releases through their website and keep up to date on what they have coming up next over on Facebook & Twitter.  You can also check out Karl’s own website for more of his work and keep in touch with him over on Twitter too.



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