A Comic A Day in May – Day 29: Chip McFitz: A Dame in Starlights

Chip McFitz from Mat Greaves looked all kinds of crazy when I first saw that cover but delving into it proved that some comics have a hidden charm.

The story follows a reporter with a deadline as the seedy world of Hollywood comes a-knocking at just the right time as Chip tries to keep his boss off his back…..which is easier said then done.  The noir story mixed with the cartoony art seems like such a natural fit in Mat’s hands as the case unfolds before our intrepid reporter’s eyes and the quest for the truth & more coffee has never been so hectic & fun.

The book feels fast-paced in the hustle & bustle of the news merged with Hollywood and while it’s a world away from the likes of LA Confidential there’s such an instant enjoyment in reading the story of Chip’s latest chase for a headline.  It twists & turns as you’d expect and there ends up being a ton of story poured into it too which was unexpected given the cartoony vibe but it was a welcome surprise as it felt like you get a great chance to laugh out loud with each joke that is slipped in along the way.

Smart, quirky and laugh out loud funny it feels like this is the beginning for a character that could run and run and with the Kickstarter for this issue due to kick off in June it’s definitely one I’ll be looking out for…..and so should you.

You can keep tabs on what Mat’s plans are for Chip and his other projects over on Gumroad & Tumblr and get over to his Facebook & Twitter pages to watch & wait on that Kickstarter announcement.



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