A Comic A Day in May – Day 25: Snowbound #1

Norrie Millar writes & draws Snowbound that’s billed as part Conan & part Macbeth and with a promise like that….it’s got to be worth a look.

It opens with Cromarty guiding his master Alasdair through the snowy lands near their home and while we gradually find out more of the superstitious ways that are leading him away from danger there is a pack of wolves heading straight for them.  The scent of blood in the air comes from the Master himself but they’re soon separated under the night sky as panic takes hold and as Cromarty stumbles through the dark he’s soon confronted his very own mythical enemy in the shape of a witch.

The witch seems to want to help him and while he fights against every smart bone in his body he ends up accepting her help and seeking shelter with her.  This all leads to the true nature of the story as myth, legend and everything else blends together to bring Cromarty’s run-in with the witch to a brutal climax and the true nature of his quest becomes all too apparent.

Gloriously over-the-top in a world already swept up with the likes of Game of Thrones, this latest release from Norrie oozes a dark style that he embraces and then improves. A story that weaves its own lore combined with art that conjures up a chill in the air for the reader, it becomes a captivating opening issue that coasts through to the end with such an effortless flow that I found myself wishing it was a bit longer but I’m hopeful there’s more on the way soon.  A cracking combo of style & substance from Norrie in this opening issue……roll on #2.

You can pick up Snowbound through ComicHaus now and check out more of Norrie’s work on his website and over on Twitter.



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