A Comic A Day in May – Day 18: Bubbles O’Seven in The Ape Who Punched Me

Bubbles O’Seven from Bounce Comics hits the third issue of its James Bond homage and after a strong opener and impressive follow-up I was hopeful that we’d get more of the same.

Grainne McEntee returns to writing duties and just like the previous two issues the story loosely follows the plot from a previous Bond film.  This sees Bubbles in pursuit of information about a Gorilla he wants to get his hands on and while there is a driving force behind each episode there’s also the over-arching story about Bubbles and the whole program to bring super-smart animals into the world of espionage.

These two stories are well-balanced though and the main story of each issue is given centre-stage while we’re almost drip-fed details about the bigger plot that’s bubbling away around Bubbles.  The humour is there, the set-pieces are there and there’s a sliver of innuendo that keeps this feeling like a very British homage of a very British institution like James Bond.

Art duties falls to Mike Hartigan this time around and while it feels a bit more cartoony and definitely very different from those first two issues it all works by making it feel like it did when a new actor plays James Bond himself.  Matt Rooke does a solid job on colours and keeps in-line with the style of this third book and Mike Stock returns to lettering duties.  The one minor downside this time around seems to be that this issue feels a bit more word heavy than the previous two and while they managed to keep momentum going for those it feels like the flow was disrupted a bit more.  That being said its still a strong issue from a series that set out it’s direction early on and is holding to that exceptionally well. Kudos to Dean Beattie on that cover too.

You can catch up with all the latest Bounce Comics titles & news over on the website Twitter.



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