A Comic A Day in May – Day 17: Cadavers #2 : Poltergeist

Creators Matt Hardy & Edward Bentley join forces again on the second issue of their Cadavers after another strong Kickstarter campaign and the hope was that the Mad Robot Comics release would continue with the same momentum as the first.

While that first issue set the scene for the Cadavers battle of wits against North Media owner and all around a-hole Markus North, we’re starting to get much more involved in the story as we learn more about each character.  This second issue focuses on resident gremlin/thief, Poltergeist as we learn more about his anarchic ways and what he’s really hiding.

On the surface he’s a drunken mass of expletives and bad attitude but that first impression is turned on its head when we really get to see how much insecurity he has bubbling away behind his beady little eyes.  The contradiction between those two sides is finely balanced by Matt as he makes us laugh with some uncontrollable aggressive outbursts that then swaggers into crushing self-doubt.  This all results in an anti-hero type character where we see beyond his obvious flaws to the hidden heart underneath.

Edward’s art adds to that with some impressive two-page spreads that highlight how out of control he can be before slapping us in the face with the puppy-dog eyes that make you stop short of hugging the comic.  It’s a slick approach from them both on this and the full five issue run should hopefully continue with the same mix of detailed character development and all while the over-arching story of North Media pushing its own agenda of discrimination hits an all-too-familiar tone with the world we live in today.

The first issue surprised me with its depth and yet this second issue manages to do exactly the same and then some as the Mad Robot creative team pull out all the stops to keep building a world to get swept up in.  They add very human elements to the Cadavers themselves which may be unexpected given how they look but they then add some twists and turns to add extra surprises…….and that all adds up to a surprising & involving title to get lost in.  Great stuff.

You can keep up to date with this and the other releases from Mad Robot Comics over on their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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