A Comic A Day in May – Day 16: Space Captain #4

Chris Baldie & Michael Park return for the fourth issue of their Space Captain title and having already gone from strength to strength in the previous three there were some high expectations after a blistering Kickstarter campaign.

While we were left on another cliffhanger in the last issue we pick up with a quick flashback in the life of the Prospector as he comes around from being knocked out.  He’s quickly back on his feet though as the usual pace from Chris & Michael take us on a rollercoaster ride through space.  Space Captain himself is learning a bit more about his alien captor and they end up thrown into their own side mission that only brings with it more chaos they can do without.

In among that there’s a slick flashback into one of Space Captain’s previous commands and the character development that’s been there from the first issue is just growing & growing.  The bleakness of space is a calming influence for the story as quiet reflection is allowed to creep in but there’s hardly much time to catch your breath before the next action-packed sequence is under way and this all seems to hold the same frantic feeling of racing against the clock that’s been there since the beginning.

Art-wise it’s more of the same quality from Chris and between his detailed pages and almost experimental approach to panel layouts it all fits together perfectly.  In fact, this feels like the bulkiest issue so far with more story and plot to take in than we see in most collected graphic novels.  This issue then highlights just why the Kickstarter campaigns have been so successful for this title – it’s a strong story with heart in the shape of the Captain himself and with the supporting cast around him proving to be just as interesting there’s never a page or panel wasted in telling a great story.  Roll-on #5…..and #6…….and beyond!

Check out more on Space Captain over on the website where you can also read the first issue for free & you can pick up all the issues over at the online store.



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