A Comic A Day in May – Day 13: Flesh Tones #3

After two strong issues of Flesh Tones from Dark Pond Creations I was keen to see whether that trend could continues with their next issue.

The Tunnel – Written by Patrick Scattergood, Illustrated by Ahlam Albaiti

This first story covers a far darker subject than I was initially expecting as a seemingly “normal” man, Gary, returns home from a tough day and slowly begins to show his true colours as he scours the internet for his next hookup.  Even that in itself goes down a totally different route as our central character’s cruel past comes back to haunt him but even the twist of revenge can’t really help this opener shake the sordid feeling Gary seems to embody.  A gruesomely dark beginning from Patrick but that’s what the indie world offers with no limits to hold back on a good story and as Ahlam’s sketchy style brings with it an uneasy vibe that suits the story the darkness in this was an uneasy but well-crafted way to begin.

The Passage of Time – Written by Patrick Scattergood, Illustrated by Kate Beaumont

In complete contrast to the opener is this story of elderly woman Emily having a look back over her life as she reminisces about the excitement of youth and the part history has played in shaping how her life turned out.  It also highlights the loneliness that can drift in with the passing of time and this ends up being a heartbreaking story to really break up the flow of the book but in the best possible way.  It’s a sensitive & nostalgic story from Patrick this time around and with Kate’s art with it’s clean lines and softer tones giving this the crackle of a comforting black & white movie. A beautifully touching tale for sure that seems to have left something in my eye.

Sleep – Written by Patrick Scattergood, Illustrated by Carlos Moreno

What felt like a tale of an insomniac trying to see it through another night with busy thoughts and restlessness ends up being another gruesome tale but on this occasion we’re halfway through before we get the merest hint of just how warped the central character is.  It’s another instance of things being turned on their head as Patrick ends up taking us in a completely different direction than I was expecting and there’s a bittersweet twinge to this one with a real question of what revenge can do to a person as the aftermath of violence plays out.  Slick in the execution of it’s plot, this one sees Patrick tease the reader with a complete misdirection of where this is going to go and teaming up with previous collaborator Carlos they bring a recognizable vibe to another story that’s equal parts calm & chaos.

Dark Pond Creations have a unique knack of pulling together some great stories and this third issue of Flesh Tones is no exception.  Patrick proves the depth & breadth of his talent yet again and while there’s a clear difference in the three stories on offer here there’s a definite Scattergood feel throughout.  Yet again he has matched up with just the right artist on each story and it’s another impressive addition to the DPC list of titles.

You can keep up to date with Dark Pond Creations on Facebook & Twitter as well as Patrick’s own Facebook plus he has plans for his own Mini-Con on 12th August called A Geeky Mind in aid of the MIND mental health charity.

You can get hold of this and the other DPC titles at the links below:


Etsy Store



Drive Thru Comics

Sellfy Store



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