A Comic A Day in May – Day 11: Lifehacks #3

Ovi Demetrian Jr. brought the third issue of his Lifehacks title to life through Kickstarter and while I had already read issues #1 & #2 I jumped on-board to get hold of the story so far.

This issue opens with the digital worlds of Joe & Lisa taking their own paths and while Lisa digs deeper into Joe’s past, Joe is firmly focused on chasing the serial killer.  The chance for them both to investigate the killer further seems to hit a serious bump though when Lisa is taken off the case by those in charge.  Her friendship with Joe has brought doubt over her ability to explore the case and this comes as a blow for both Lisa and me the reader as it feels like they both have a momentum behind them to catch the killer.

Joe’s unorthodox methods of detection sees his hacking skills bring the killer out form the shadows and the only thing he really needs to do next is convince Lisa that she should still be on the hunt….even if it’s unofficial.  There’s a heart to heart between them that brings them closer but the Detective in Lisa sees her step away from the whole thing….or that’s at least how it seems.

Ovi’s plot is a thing of beauty as the scene setting is intricate and well-paced and all while Jen Hickman keeps the story flowing with some slick layouts and detailed art to build the mystery & tension.  Long spells without dialogue are handled well to keep the story interesting and the split between that and some pages of heavy dialogue & narration are all a joy to discover on each page turn.  The only downside for me was that this is the penultimate issue and with just one to go I don’t really want it to end.  It’s gloriously underrated stuff from the creative team and it’s three impressive issues so far……roll on #4.

Get hold of the first three issues through the website or on Comixology now and find out what’s next over on the Facebook page.  You can also check out what else Ovi and Jen are working on over on their website & Twitter pages:








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