A Comic A Day in May – Day 9: Lonesomes #2

The opening issue of Ryan Little’s Lonesomes was something of a revelation when I discovered it through Kickstarter as it introduced a familiar idea with a unique twist and when the second campaign came along it was a no-brainer to back it.

While that first issue set the ground-work for a title that deals with emotion head-on, it’s in this second issue that we’re starting to get a real feel for the world that Ryan has created.  Tom’s own Lonesome is proving to be a major part of breaking free from his loneliness and while he finds himself caught in the middle of some street battles between them it elevates him from observer to side-kick.

Tom searches for the truth behind his new-found friend and a trip to the vet with Peat brings with it just as many questions as answers but it’s a clear indication of the potential that’s instantly built-in to Ryan’s story. Eder Messias’ art & Fahriza Kamaputra’s colours help give the pages a sense of awe and the glow of a vibrant world that Tom has almost stumbled into.  It all just works in such an effortless way.

This means that Lonesomes has remained consistent over these first two issues and the ability to merge a modern element like Digimon/Pokemon with a nostalgic vibe from those adventures films I loved as a kid like Labyrinth, Flight of the Navigator or Explorers, is an intoxicating mix of themes.  The characters are honest and it has the beginnings of a story that has endless possibilities which I’m hoping will bring it an increasing fan base.  Well written, gorgeous to look at and an easy title to relax and get lost in…..can’t wait for more.

You can keep up to date with Ryan over on Twitter.





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