A Comic A Day in May – Day 7: Jupiter #3

Drew Askew’s noir Detective/Mexican wrestler mash-up has pretty much impressed the hell out of me from its first issue and while the second issue kept that momentum going….I was keen to see how the penultimate issue in this four issue run would compare.

Opening with Jupiter sweating his butt off at a bus stop its flashback time as we see him in the clutches of Dr Papernoose but an escape plan is brewing.  Unfortunately for Jupiter and fellow prisoner & femme fatale Evelyn, it’s not exactly as simple as he had hoped and the resulting confrontation sees him face off against the Doctors undead army as he drags Evelyn off to an unknown fate.

Jupiter is left to his own devices as Papernoose is firmly convinced that he’s won the battle of wits and while he disappears into the smoke it leaves Jupiter to contemplate his next move.  Dejected but determined he heads off in search of his former gym and the mystic quest that’ll bring him EXACTLY what he’s after to save the girl and beat the bad guy.  It’s here that it all goes a bit Golden Child with a paranormal element giving Jupiter his toughest challenge yet as he heads off to face mystical wrestlers from beyond the grave.

Drew’s third issue feels like a bulkier affair than the previous two which is basically down to the amount of reading in it and while it’s mainly narrative it’s here that having a single creator on the entire project that everything really fits together.  The script is tight & perfectly paced, the art is suitably cartoony to allow the noir & wrestling elements play off each other and in this issue in particular the lettering is not too crammed in and keeps the issue flowing.  I would have loved to see how this looks coloured but maybe we’ll see a collected edition down the road with that as a new element (hint, hint).

Out with that the only disappointment is that there’s only one issue to go….I want more of this and I hope that if Drew doesn’t make more Jupiter that he at least brings us another new hero to cheer on and laugh with.  Great fun which is kinda why we read comics in the first place right??

You can check out more of Jupiter and Drew’s other work on his ‘Ink & Booze’ Facebook & Twitter pages




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