A Comic A Day in May – Day 5: Metal Made Flesh: Omens

Metal Made Flesh from Jeremy Biggs & Simeon Aston already has two amazing collected editions on offer with a third on the way but in the meantime I picked up Omens to tide me over.

Deception: Written by Jeremy Biggs with art by Phil Buckenham & lettering by Jon Scrivens

In this first story Kalibos joins a team of mercenaries on their latest heist on a fortified vault bu he soon finds out that when the shit hits the fan there’s no honour among thieves……in fact, it may not have been there pre-fan either.  This feels like the biggest step away from the vibe of the previous MMF releases we’ve seen and while that could have been a risk, Jeremy & Phil work well together managing to pull off their own heist on the comic creating front.  A strong opening few pages drops us in the midst of the heist and the fast & frantic pace really kicks in on both the script and art sides.

Jeremy keeps the dialogue & narration short while Phil starts with a highly detailed opening scene that becomes much sketchier as the story progresses.  Thankfully that all suits the new vibe in this story and the twists & turns hit like a gut punch as each double-cross comes out of the blue.  There’s a couple of scenes which could have appeared a bit more wordy in comparison to the rest of the story but Jon Scrivens on lettering keeps things tight enough to help the reading flow just a swiftly as the plot.

Cascade: Written by Jeremy Biggs with art by Simeon Aston & lettering by Jon Scrivens

Phaeon Nex is back in this story as his failing synthetic body brings on a disturbing psychosis that brings the very worst elements of his character to the surface.  The resulting moments of quiet calm and visceral violence are a stark contrast but this is vintage MMF from Jeremy & Simeon.  It oozes that cyberpunk glow and a slightly more word heavy read is actually a joy rather than a chore when it’s work as good as this.

The A game is there from them both and those contrasting elements end up being a unique but beautiful mix of serenity and chaos. Phaeon develops this anti-hero edge to him through both sides of that divide he finds himself on and we are left wondering just what he’ll do next.

Overall, this is another worthy entry in the MMF universe and while they seek to broaden the style a bit more and introduce other artists vision of the world they’ve created it all ends up with a familiar element in the mix to anchor it with the scene they set in that first volume.  The outsize format on this issue is a real plus too as it helps Jon really tackle the lettering on a slightly larger page and it gives the extra space to show off both art styles in all their glory.  Roll on volume three.

You can check out the Metal Made Flesh website to get your hands on the book so far with the third instalment hitting print at the end of this month.  You can also keep up to date with what else is happening in the MMF world on Facebook and Twitter.



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