Owen Michael Johnsons ‘Reel Love’ hits Unbound

Writer/creator Owen Michael Johnson has already impressed with titles like the anarchic Raygun Roads & the epic Beast Wagon but his most personal release by far is the semi-autobiographical Reel Love and its getting a much needed collected edition through Unbound.

Reel Love is a coming-of-age graphic novel that collects both issues of Owen’s release, acting as a love-letter to the cinema experience that captured his imagination from an early age.  It’s also a heart-felt slice of life with a ‘Wonder Years’ vibe that courses through the books and having already fallen in love with the individual releases of one & two the prospect of owning a hardback edition that remasters those and adds the third & final chapter (exclusive to this release) was one of the easiest pledges I’ve made to any project.

The title wears it’s heart on its sleeve with the pages forming a hug of nostalgia that a love of movies and cinema in particular seems to naturally develop.  The awe of the art form, the exciting edge to growing up & the bittersweet edge from the inevitability of change, gives this every element you could hope for and more as Owen plays out his unique tale.

You can back Owen’s Unbound project at the link below:

Reel Love Unbound

You can also catch-up with all things ‘Unbound’ through their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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