G-Man talks to Ammar Al-Chalabi about Wart

Wart from writer Chris Welsh & artist Ammar Al-Chalabi is running on Kickstarter now for its fourth issue and I got the chance to hit Ammar with some questions about what we can expect from this indie slice of Gothic horror.

What can we expect from the Wart issue #4?

Issue 4 of Wart picks up the story after the gang got swallowed by a huge space/void fish at the end of book 3. Wart is separated from Blythe and Ratt and is on his own. Of course everything goes horribly wrong and we will be revisiting a dimension and monsters which we saw in book 1.

The writing and the art get a boost as both me and Chris keep trying out new stuff and we keep learning!

As you ease into the second arc with #4 what’s the long-term plans for the series?

We have lots and lots of plans and ideas on what to do with our story. That’s the beauty of the premise in that we can lots of cool stuff. Wart will grow more competent as you will read in book 4 and he might learn something useful in the future!

Has the story & direction of Wart evolved with each issue or is it still holding true to your original concept?

The story has evolved, more like ran amok. We started fairly ‘serious’. And with each issue we just kept throwing cool stuff on the story. because both me and Chris are not serious people we crept in all kinds of fun stuff and silly cultists.

As you expand across other universes will you be messing more with Warts head?

Wart is not getting a break anytime soon. But as he is adjusting a little bit to his situation he is trying to grow a backbone. But as Wart will become more competent we’ll just throw something vile and wicked his way to put him in his place.

Do you think you would expand the world of Wart to include other characters or even spin-offs?

We definitely want to introduce more characters down the line. Most of them will probably turn evil or be disgusting weird monsters but characters nonetheless.

I personally would love a spin-off with the cultists as they try to do a ritual and things go horribly wrong.

Kickstarter has been a real success for the first 3 issues – have you been pleased with the response to Wart?

Certainly! In our mail and on many cons we visit we get lots of cool feedback on our comic! People seem to like our weird mix of Lovecraftian, gothic horror and silly stuff.

You’ve worked with other great small press/indie artists in previous campaigns for pin-ups & prints – what’s it been like seeing other interpretations of your characters?

As the artist of Wart it is such a thrill to see other artists (some waaaay better than me) draw their interpretation of my character.

What else are you working on?

I’m doing a lot of stuff at the moment. Comic-wise I’m working on a new series of books which will be published by Scout Comics. Also I’m working on a pitch for Red Dog Comics. At this time I can’t say too much on both projects but I can say that they are wildly different!

I’m also trying out animation. I’m currently working on an animation of my one-page comic PEEK and I have already found amazing voice talent!

You can back the book 4 campaign at the link below:

Wart Book 4 Kickstarter

You can also check up on all things Wart-related on the website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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