G-Man talks to Lyndon White about Dracula

Hot on the heels of my initial look at Dracula from Lyndon White I got the chance to fire some questions his way about the process, what we can expect and what else he is working on.

What can we expect from the book once it’s in print?

There will be copies of Dracula leftover from the Kickstarter so I’ll be taking these with me to comic conventions & art shows to sell. However I don’t intend on reprinting it, so once they are gone, they are gone for good. Knowing that only a limited amount of people will ever own this piece of work makes it feel special. It has that limited feel to it. For those of you that have backed the Kickstarter, you’ll be getting it cheaper and with extra bits and pieces, which is my way of saying thank you for supporting me. So everyone benefits from using Kickstarter.

The concertina book seems to be a unique way to tell a story we all know – was that more of a challenge compared to your other comic work?

Making a concertina book has been on my “bucket list” of books I want to make for a while, but until now there’s not been something suitable or felt right until people were asking for more Dracula work. It was challenging narrowing down which scenes to illustrate. I treated most of them like book covers or splash pages, which made it easier to think about. So you’re illustrating those key moments. There were some things that would have probably been easier to do as a comic, so you can see the sequence of the story, before and after. But once you get past that and boil down to what is the more import part of what I’m trying to convey – everything became more focused.

You’re telling your version of the story – how easy or hard was it to condense that down to ten images for the book?

Before I started any of the artwork I reread Dracula. Reading a script or a book is the first thing I do before I start any work on a project. While I was reading Dracula I was making notes and listing key moments from the book. Things that seems iconic, important to the narrative or just jumped out at me. Once I had the list I chose a beginning, middle and end point and the filled in what were the most important parts in between. I was basically editing down the book to its core and what I felt were the most important bits. I had to be quite strict with it all.

You’ve chosen a horror story this time around but would you consider other genre’s in the same style?

Definitely. I’ve done a few bits of horror recently due to the opportunities that have come along but I’m all about good stories. As long as there’s a narrative, with good characters and plot, I’m there. To suit the Kickstarter, if we hit the 3rd stretch goal (2nd concertina book with a new story), I will be staying in the realms of horror to suit the backers. Simply because I want to make sure it suits the tastes of those who have already supported me and the project. For instance I love Dracula and Shakespeare, however that might not be for everyone. There are lots of different types of horror and plenty or routes to go own, so there are options.

There’s been a great response to the Kickstarter – how does that feel?

Utterly amazing. I was honestly expecting the Kickstarter to be a bit of a slow burn, because it’s not a comic or a normal book, it’s a bit of an oddly unique item. Which is fantastic. Knowing that people are liking my work and support me means that there’s an audience for what I’m putting out. Its given me some confidence to possibly try it with a full-sized graphic novel, which would obviously cost more money to create and print.

You added a stretch goal reward to create a second book – do you have another title in mind for that?

I do. I’m still letting people throw suggestions at me in case there’ something I’ve overlooked but I’ve got it pretty narrowed down. So far, no one has guessed it yet (aside from a brief conversation with someone on twitter). It’s probably not going to be what most people will be expecting, it’s quite far away from Dracula in terms of location and visuals, but I think people will be happy with the chosen story, unless someone throws a suggestion that I can’t turn down. I’ll be announcing it once I’ve got some visuals for it, which should be within the next few days.

What else are you working on just now?

A bunch of stuff. I’m currently working on a graphic novel pitch which i’ll be sending off next month. I’m still colouring my graphic novel “The Mind of James Svengal” which I’ve written with Jordan S. Adams. I’m writing more stuff and talking to different people about new projects in the future. I’ve started drawing the line work for the next part of the Tale of Shadows series, I’ve drawn a 6 part series of 6 pages for ComicHaus called COLD and I’m going to be working on multiple things for Blue Fox Comics. There’s plenty of stuff coming out and in the works. I’m thankful to be in the position I am at the moment where there’s an audience and group of people who actively want to buy my work. So I’m trying to meet the demand and give people what they are asking for. In the most recent case, its Dracula.

Since catching up with Lyndon the Kickstarter has gone from strength to strength and he’s now chosen a likely candidate for the additional concertina book which should be equally as stunning…..


You can jump on board the Dracula Kickstarter now and you can check out more of Lyndon’s work over on his website or you can keep tabs on what’s next from him over on Facebook & Twitter.


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