Lyndon White’s Dracula Kickstarter

Lyndon White has seriously impressed with his work on some of the Blue Fox Comics titles like Sparks and the Fallen Star, Hexes, Sinners & Gone……….but his latest project sees him tackling a classic in his own unique style and in a unique way.

He’ll be converting Bram Stoker’s Dracula into a concertina book with his single pages of full colour art combining to tell a story we all know and love.  The idea is that it can be read as a book or displayed as a piece of art in it’s own right and with the quality & feel to Lyndon’s work the latter has definitely got to be an option for most people who end up owning a copy.

Thinking outside the box with the concertina book instantly gives this an intriguing look and the fact it’s covering a classic gives it an air of familiarity that pushes this into the realm of something special.  Quality art on a quality title just seems to make sense and Lyndon’s previous comic book outings has already proven how talented a story-teller he is.

He’s passed his main goal but has recently added some stretch goals to the campaign including one that will hopefully see him adapt another classic in the same format and after just a glimpse at this one……I can’t wait to see more.

There’s still time to back this Kickstarter at the link below and with any luck we’ll see more of this type of release from him soon.

Dracula Kickstarter

You can check out more of Lyndon’s work over on his website and you can keep tabs on what’s next from him over on Facebook & Twitter.


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