Bubbles O’Seven in Baboon Taker

After a suitably impressive opening issue of Bubbles O’Seven I was keen to keep that trucking while it was still fresh in my mind and visit the second issue.

While the first introduced the ape-filled world of espionage to us, the second issue brings Bubbles O’Seven a new case to test his monkey brain….although that’s after he has tried his hand at some video gaming.  His frustration with that is short-lived though and his return to headquarters sees the new batch of tech-heads being pushed to do better by the agency’s top scientist.

Cue a rundown on ‘Mr Fluffy’ and the next mission is underway and this is where the second issue feels like it’s lost a bit of the of momentum built up in that first issue. The mission is straight-forward but the resolution feels so quick and matter-of-fact that it’s missing that edge of pearl that could have kept this on the same level.  That being said, there is the added bonus of us getting more a feel for Bubbles history and a deeper idea of the world he finds himself from the relationships he has to the darkness that surrounds his early years as an agent.

Art duties pass to Lee Killeen and it’s a seamless transition with the same quirky style to it with a serious British edge to it for the mission itself.  There were some pages with a lot of dialogue or narration but again Mike Stock tackled that and kept it from getting in the way of the story.  A good second issue which maybe doesn’t match the first but the world-building edge this has helps highlight the sheer potential that Bubbles O’Seven has and it’s reason enough to hope the third issue sees print…..and soon.

You can catch up with all the latest Bounce Comics titles & news over on the website & on Twitter and you can ensure that the third issue becomes a reality over on the Kickstarter now.



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