Beast Wagon Finale Preview

The final issue of the phenomenal Beast Wagon will see the light of day on it’s release on the 1st April and while I hope it’s all a joke that it has to end I can’t wait to see what the fifth issue brings us.

Writer Owen Johnson, artist John Pearson & letterer Colin Bell have combined over the whole series to bring us one of the most unique & consistent indie releases in years which has raised the bar for everyone it seems.  The raw inventiveness held within the pages has astounding me & many other reviewers, critics & fans alike with a story that surprises on pretty much every page.  It almost feels like a loss that it has to end but a short burst of genius is far better than none at all and I’m sure while we’ve got these five issues and the Beast Wagon Tails to read & re-read there will always be something new to discover or just enjoy soaking in the crazed world they’ve created.

The first glimpse of the Finale hit a few weeks ago and with just over two weeks to go until the final issue is released the countdown is surely on to see how this one finishes up.  Take a look at those early pages and you’ll see that it’s more of the same levels of perfection from before……

You can catch-up on my thoughts on the previous issues on the links below:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

If you’ve already been following the series like me you can pre-order this final issue and if not you can order the complete series through the links below:

Pre-order Beast Wagon Finale

Pre-order complete Beast Wagon bundle


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