A book on my radar since it’s first tease from BHP was Jack Lothian & Garry Mac’s Tomorrow which will be released next month – but I was lucky enough to get an early look at the completed one-shot.

Tomorrow tells the story of an old lady who has settled herself into an easy routine as she tackles a daily dose of loneliness but when she wakes up one day to find everyone gone, it’s a whole new level she has to face.  She still sticks to that routine as best she can but this sci-fi tale has more in mind for her as things all start to get very strange in and around her home town.

As things start to breakdown around her the isolation begins to get ebbed away with some new arrivals and facing the last of her days alone may not be entirely what is planned for her.  I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this will recognise their own wee Gran in the main character and Jack does a great job at drip feeding us the details of her past and the life she has lead.  This gives us a sci-fi book that slips into that familiar/obscure category but it’s one that packs a powerful message behind it as the one-shot progresses.

Couple that with some typically glorious artwork from Garry Mac and some impressive touches of colour, design & lettering from Sha Nazir & Kirsty Hunter and you end up with a title that’s hauntingly beautiful.  Like a strange mash-up of I Am Legend and the opening scene from Up it’s got a unique blend of events centred around our unnamed central character.  Beautifully written & poignant in places, it’s got an art team that can embellish every emotion with just the right amount of detail and leave the story lingering in your thoughts long after you’ve read it.

Head over to the BHP online store to preorder this before it’s release on the 12th April and you can also keep tabs on what’s next from them over on Facebook & Twitter.



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