Space Captain #3

Chris Baldie & Michael Park have recently returned to Kickstarter for the latest issue of Space Captain and it seemed like a perfect time for me to re-read the whole series and look at the last issue they released.

With issues #1 & 2 already proving to be a big hit this third issue sees the planetary space chase continue with Space Captain desperately trying to get back to Earth and as the last human in the galaxy he’s on the “want” list of the Kaztani alien race.  The latest problem for him and the Prospector is fuel and while they’ve been lucky enough to make their way to a planet with fuel available……unfortunately it’s also got lizard men available too.

The Space Captain’s plotline from Michael & Chris is trucking along quite nicely and they build on the background of the Kaztani in this issue too which helps add another dimension that I wasn’t expecting.  Some slick twists & turns in the story as we go and we’re left with much more questions and answers in the last few pages which only builds the need to get hold of the next issue.

The artwork from Chris has really tightened up across those first few issues and it’s only when you revisit what’s happened so far that that becomes obvious.  The difference in this issue seems to be the colouring from Chris and additional colour work from Holley McKend & David Cooper as it’s gained something extra in this third instalment.  The pages glow and the extra level of detail from Chris allows that extra element of danger & surprise creep into the merging story-lines to give this a whole new level of momentum and intrigue.

You can back the 4th issue over on Kickstarter now where you can also pick up the previous issues and more.

Check out more on Space Captain over on the website where you can also read the first issue for free & you can pick up all the issues over on the online store.



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