G-Man talks to Ivan Aguilar about Samurai Shin


I discovered Samurai Shin at the tail end of last year and after an impressive first issue I jumped at the chance to fire some questions at artist Ivan Aguilar.

What can we expect from Samurai Shin #2?

Well, There would be more action of course.  Chapter 2 would feature a huge battle between two Characters, It was bound to happen and it will be quite bloody and violent. It’s filled with wonderful illustrations from up and coming artist which includes Harley Dela Cruz, Fahmi Fauzi, Muhammad Dinul & Sukma Agustriyana and of course, It will focus more on the story where the reader will get to know more of the characters and their motivation and some history of the Shin universe although there is still much more to be uncovered.  The mystery will slowly unfold but I think it’s a solid follow-up to the first one, both art and storywise.

Do you and Mikel have the whole series planned out?

Hmm,That’s a good question. I really don’t have an answer for that one. Me and Mikel I’ve made some scripts and notes for how the story would go but we just want it to be freeflowing and not stuck to something definite so It evolves everyday. we are always rewriting my stuff and taking all kinds of inspirations from movies and comics. I draw so much inspiration from all these mediums and  I think that gives the story more rawness to it and excitement. I just want the process to be exciting for me and the team.

Samurai Shin

Did you and Mikel always intend to broaden the material in the Samurai Shin with more of a back story?

Yes, we did. I think it’s important to give as much backstory to every character, History and places in the Shin Universe. we want it to become a thriving living universe in itself where people can escape into.

Issue #1 gave us a great style to open the series – what can we expect from future issues?

Thanks, Well same as the story, the artwork will keep evolving, trying out different styles to better communicate to the audience visually my vision for the story.

Sword of the StrangerWhat were the influences for the art in the main Samurai Shin story?

There’s too many to point out but one of the main influences would be Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai & Sword Of A Stranger, It will keep evolving and breathing in all kinds of influences.

What’s it like working as part of a growing team?

It’s great, We help each other a lot in ways, since not one artist can do everything. We also inspire each other and keep motivated to keep reaching that apex. They really are a bunch of talented artist and I do really enjoy watching their take of the Shin Universe and it’s characters.


What can you tell us about the prelude story?

Well, the prelude focuses more on Keith, the antihero of the series,  when he was much younger and his relationship with his dad. Keith is an important character in the Universe and understanding more about his background and the convoluted and often traumatic relationships/experiences he has had in the past and gain a bit of insight of how he will progress in the story.

Will the prelude story have a different style?

Chapter 1’s style visually is a hodge podge of 80’s comics, and Anime mixed into it but the prelude would be in the traditional black and white manga style. Harley Dela Cruz, the artist for the prelude, is doing an amazing job in visually translating all me and mikel’s ideas and I am quite sure a lot of Manga enthusiasts will really enjoy this one too.

You and Mikel added a soundtrack for issue #1 – will we see more of that as the series progresses?

Hmmm,..That’s an interesting questions. Yep, No doubt, Me and Mikel really enjoy music, and we intend to continue that with chapter 2. We both feel that it helps to reach out more to our target audience which are not only Manga/Anime fans  but also are into that whole subculture of HipHop/Rap. We want that flavor (HipHop) impacted into the story and artwork. Music also add another layer to the experience as well,and portray emotions and feelings that somehow is harder to translate visually. Story, Visuals and Music, nuff said.

Here’s the teaser trailer for that Prelude:

You can check out more on Samurai Shin over on the website as well as keeping tabs on what’s new through their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

You can head over to Peep Game Comix to get hold of issue #1 now.


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