The Big Comic Con

The Big Comic Con

The latest offering from Maximised Comics is an all-ages crime caper with a direct link to all things comic & cosplay related.

Opening with bleak times for central character Chris who loses his job and then finds out his Dad has taken out a dodgy loan to keep up with his medical bills… all seems to be spinning out of control but the sanctity of the local comic store brings with it a possible option for something more positive.

Volunteering at the Dunfermline Comic Con seems to be the breathe of fresh air he needs and a chance to ease the downward spiral that life seems to be dealing him but just when he thinks that’s all he needs, things get a bit more complicated.  His friends Mark & Sophie suggest a plan that could take care of all his woes in one fell swoop and it seems almost full proof.  Of course when life is testing you, it keeps on testing and things become even more complicated when he confronts the loan sharks that “helped” his Dad.

It’s a slick but simple set-up for the story and Colin does a great job at developing characters quickly without too much of an exploration into a back story.  You’re dropped in the middle of things and it all works in the story’s favour.  The artwork from Michael Philp has a cartoony feel but the occasional extra element of detail here n there with some great colour work from Colin keeps the pages flowing and with a steady sense of momentum as the story progresses.  There are some clever landmark references with the Con itself and The Little Shop of Heroes added in to give the whole story an authentic edge to it as it all ends up being a fun & enjoyable read from the pair and one to look out for.

You can pick one up at Dunfermline Comic Con or over on the Maximised Comics online store.  You can also keep tabs on what’s next over on the Facebook & Twitter pages.



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