Rok of the Reds #5


The fifth and penultimate issue of Rok of the Reds from BHP sees us close in on the end of an indie comic I really don’t want to finish.

With issues #1, 2, 3 & 4 bringing Rok to Earth and take on the mantle of arrogant but highly skilled footballer Kyle Dixon.  It’s unique mix of Sci-fi and football gave it a world of possibilities but with John Wagner & Alan Grant set out as the strikers for this one it’s got a driving force behind it that brings it a real sense of energy.

The two plots are blended together effortlessly  as Rok’s pursuers arrive to act out their sense of Justice against him but while we build to that face-off Kyle has other enemies on his tail as the press are trying their best to disrupt his training ahead of the big match with any scandal they can pin on him……least of all the notion that he may be a monster in disguise.


The whole book has managed to convert two unlikable main characters into unexpected heroes that you find yourself almost chanting for and while that may seem like an over-simplification there’s no denying how smart and intricate this story has ended up being.  The creative team of Dan Cornwell on art, Abby Bulmer on Colours & Jim Campbell on letters have stepped things up yet again in this fifth issue.  There’s much more reading in this one but Jim manages to carefully manage that and avoid disrupting the energy & scale of the work from Dan & Abby.

Action-packed, funny and with a solid build-up of tension as we close-in on the end of the 6-part run – it’s become one of my favourite reads in a long time as it’s mix of themes has been expertly handled by the entire creative team.  An AMAZING addition to the BHP list of titles and I can’t wait to see what the last issues brings us……hopefully you’re on-board with this too.

Check out the Rok of the Reds Facebook page for more info & updates.  You can get hold of this and the previous issues over on the BHP online shop now and keep tabs on their Facebook & Twitter pages for news of what’s next.



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