Sliced Quarterly #1-4 and Kickstarter


Editor Ken Reynolds kicked off a new title that would see him put together a mix of creators that could take on a new challenge he had set out.

Ken set out a mission statement for the project back in 2015 and it pretty much sums up the drive behind getting something different out to comic fans……

Sliced Quarterly is a playground for creators to experiment with the comic book narrative. We aim to showcase simple, authentic, literary stories told in extraordinary ways.

Creators are invited to test the traditional norms of the medium, and in so doing, elevate how they connect and communicate with the reader.

Each issue will prove the value of sequential narrative art in it’s ability to be insightful, emotive and provocative.

The steady schedule he kept has seen five issues come into being and while the mix of creators have breathed life into a comic filled with a blend of styles, themes & lengths, the most consistent thing about the release is quickly revealed to be the quality and the balance across each individual issue.  Equal parts familiar & raw creativity, it’s a challenging read for any comic book fan to take a gamble on.

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Each issue is crammed with stories that strip away all the flashy spandex of superheroes or the gruelling gore of zombies and bring the stories right down to their essence.  It leaves it feeling like a journey in every issue as each story offers something new and fresh.  The change in styles can come across as jarring from time to time but that in itself adds an extra element of risk that largely pays off across these first four issues.  If anything, there’s an added bonus of each issue proving to build on and improve on the last so the overall direction of Ken’s Sliced Quarterly is gaining a strong creative momentum behind it and that doesn’t look to be losing any traction.

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That momentum will surely help with the collected edition seeing print and future issues which will help to add yet more reasons to stick with this and support the very idea that it represents. Challenging, insanely ambitious and full of hidden gems, it’s no wonder it’s something a number of people are starting to take notice of, as much for it acting as a showcase for the creators involved as it does for the comic book medium itself.


This makes a collected edition an ideal chance to hit the ground running and coast through a run of the stories on offer as well as getting a tangible look at the progress being made from issue to issue.  Mission achieved Ken……keep it up!

There are just under two weeks left on the Kickstarter so you can still back it and get hold of that collected edition – check that out here.

You can also find out more about the title on the websiteFacebook & Twitter pages and you can catch up with Ken Reynolds over on Twitter too.




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