Dave Cook’s Vessels #2 hits Kickstarter

Vessels #2

The opening issue of Dave Cook’s Vessels proved to be an impressive addition to the Card Shark Comics series of titles and while a successful Kickstarter brought that first issue to life, it’s gone from strength to strength as the word has got out.

It now eases into it’s Kickstarter campaign for issue #2 and given the potential in that first issue and the consistency we’ve seen in his other release Bust, I can see this becoming much more of a cult hit as the story progresses.  Dave returns on writing duties and the creative team stays largely the same with Rafael Desquitado Jr. on art and Dennis Lehmann on colours.  Lettering duties have passed from Garrett Gunn to Micah Myers while Gary Kelly slaps us in the face with that impressive cover.

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Here’s how Dave describes the series……

Inspired by the Dark Souls videogame series, Vessels is a dark fantasy saga that chronicles the final days of a Medieval world on the verge of collapse. The realm of dreams – the Veil – has crashed head-first into the waking world, causing the laws of reality and reason to implode. Think Doctor Strange in the world of Game of Thrones and you’re on the right track…

Our hero – a legendary warrior named Wake – and her companions G’Dala and Marillon must travel the land to halt the decay of reality itself, and unravel the mystery of the Vessels – five bloodthirsty knights hell-bent on stopping Wake from completing her goal.

If anything, he’s holding back a bit there and you only have to look at the many positive responses he got for that first issue to see what I mean.


Vessels is the kind of title that unlocks a genre for comic readers and I’ve had that happen myself with horror from other indie/small press titles and now fantasy thanks to Vessels. The campaign itself is offering you the usual digital/printed copy options as well as the chance at catching up on the previous issue, getting a glimpse of his other titles plus some prints, postcards and more to follow on stretch goals too.

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Head over to the Vessels #2 Kickstarter page to find out more and back your next favourite fantasy comic.

You can also keep track of what Dave’s working on over on the Card Shark Comics website Facebook page or catch up with him over on Twitter (@Davescook)


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