Robyn #1


Robyn is the latest release from Blue Fox Comics which should be hitting Kickstarter later this month and with a list of titles that have already impressed I jumped at the chance of an early look.

Simon Birks writes an alternate take on the Robin Hood legend with a book for ages 7 and above that does a gender swap on the central character.  While this could easily have been another retelling of a tired story it ends up feeling fresh & fairly unique with the story of Robyn, Tuck the monk, & Will, the son of the Sherriff of Nottingham who is a friend of the main protagonist.

Robyn - interior 1

It has an initial dark vibe to it as you’d expect from the life of a criminal and while there’s enough familiar elements, the addition of a rumoured monster in a nearby cave gives our central character a new aspect to deal with.  It all goes a bit steampunk in places but in a weird way it all kind of works and while Simon weaves an impressive new take on a known character the art from Ege Avci has to be seen to be believed.  It’s energetic & adds a satisfying glow that manages to creep out from the darkness of the world Robyn finds herself in.

Robyn - interior 2

Robyn has enough potential in this opening issue to make it a real stand out addition to the Blue Fox Comics releases and all while providing a real showcase for the Birks/Avci team-up in a page-turning comic that feels like an early “must-read” title for 2017. Fresh, intriguing and ultimately entertaining…’s another stunning book to get on-board with when it’s Kickstarter hits.

Head over to the Blue Fox Comics website for a preview of Robyn and keep tabs over on the Robyn Facebook page for news on when that Kickstarter begins.



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