Supernaut #4 & 5


After recently catching up on the first three issues of Michael Nelsen’s Supernaut I was lucky enough to get a hold of the last two issues and see how the whole series finished up.

The first issues introduced Stephen Haddon’s astronaut as he was elevated to inter-dimensional being Supernaut and we saw him start his quest to gather the artifacts he needs to stop God from destroying reality.  Crossing time & space with a team of super powered beings that help him work out just what the hell is going on and that intricate world just seems to ooze an energy and intrigue that few mainstream titles manage to achieve let alone an indie release.


Now in these last two issues the complex elements and astrological loose ends are all starting to come together but there’s still more surprises and twists to come which I’d rather leave for you to discover on your own.  Needless to say we see more flashbacks intermingled with the final push to reach the final showdown with God and it’s got the ultimate stakes to play for.


My initial doubts about whether a story of this scale could come to a satisfying conclusion in just five issues were quickly cast aside as Michael continued a master-class in pacing which tackles every element & idea he pours into Supernaut with the same care and attention.  The visuals match the ambitions of the story and I was left feeling like I could quite easily just dive straight back in to reading the series again and get the same frantic feeling of “I must finish this”.  Bold and insanely inventive with Michael juggling the writing & art duties perfectly to open our minds to the possibilities and appease our curiosity in what he’s going to do next.  Glorious work.

You can get hold of Supernaut over on Comixology now and you can find out more about the title over on the 215 Ink website, Facebook & Twitter pages.

You can also catch up with Michael over on the 50 Foot Robot Studios website or Facebook page and through Twitter.



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