Late Knights – Design a Character Competition


Late Knights: A Sense of Steel is an all ages comic that follows the Late family who are descended from the Knights Templar but are now super hero spies by night fighting the super villains as a family unit.

Written by Jon Laight & illustrated by American artist Matt Strott they have a design a character competition running for kids 5-15 years old and the winners will get their character into the comic which will be published this year.



The new closing date for the competition is Feb 5th as Jon is running a Design a Character workshop at True Believers Comic Festival on 4th Feb at Cheltenham where anyone can get advice and help from Jon and artist Chris Travell.  The workshop starts at 11:35am and kids can submit their entries to the competition through the day.

Keep an eye on the Level 8 Comics website, Facebook & Twitter pages for more info on Late Knights, the design a character competition and all their other titles.

You can also check out the True Believers Comic Festival website, Facebook & Twitter for news on the event itself and the workshop of Jon’s too.


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