G-Man talks to Matt Hardy of Mad Robot Comics


Cadavers from Mad Robot Comics is cruising through the Kickstarter for its second issue and after a stellar opening issue I was lucky enough to catch up with writer Matt Hardy to find out what to expect from this issue & beyond.

You launched the first issue through Kickstarter too which was a success but how did it feel to get the level of support from early on?

We are extremely grateful for the level of support that Cadavers received – even before the launch of the project, there was a buzz that then seemed to feed into pledges on the Kickstarter.  We know we were fortunate to get a successful Kickstarter straight away.

There’s been a pretty positive response to the first issue – how does that feel?

It’s a massive relief. I put a huge amount of thought into the background of the Cadavers and their world – and Ed spent a lot of time working on the designs of each character – so we are both really thankful that the Cadavers as a concept has been received positively. I was also worried that the real world undertones might put a few readers off – but again nothing but great feedback.


It’s a pretty unique set of characters you’ve created and you’ve said they’re based on real people but did they end up looking like you had pictured them?

I’ll tell you a secret if you promise to keep it to yourself. None of the people who I base the personalities of the Cadavers on know that I’ve done that. They are all friends of friends and all have very strong personalities. Thankfully none of them look like their characters – I mean I don’t know many people who look like skeletons or mirror people. Actually the 9-year-old girl is a 9-year-old girl. And she is FAR scarier than Amina.

There’s a great bit of escapism for the cast as they head down the pub in issue #1 – will see more of that in #2?

Hell yes. Write what you know! I’m writing this whilst at the pub! There are LESS Bar scenes in issue 2 – but those flashbacks set up the forces that drive the Cadavers to invade North Manor – so they are vital and will appear in each issue. Also it’s fun to write drunk monsters winding each other up. And Ed throws in some amazing background bar characters to watch out for….


What can we expect from the second issue?

Violence. A great deal of violence. And then some more violence. Our main character for Book 2 is the Cadaver Poltergeist – who has been beaten down by society, is discriminated against because of his size and appearance – and has a short fuse and the potential for extreme destruction.

There will also be more about the traitor in the Cadavers ranks, more on North, more about the Cadavers new home of Altrasania and …. have I mentioned the violence?

Do you have the whole series mapped out?

Yep – when you have 5 intertwining stories it’s vital to plot out exactly where each of those 5 characters starts and ends up. So I know precisely what has to occur in each book and how it’s going to resolve in issue 5. A few of the middle arcs and story beats may change slightly – but the ending is set in stone (although I’m now seeding in a few things for a second series….).


How does working on Cadavers compare to your other projects?

Ed and I have a very collaborative process. We share an art studio so I post my pages of scripted plot up on the wall, Ed works up his interpretation of them and then we throw ideas around the studio on the best way to bring the pages to life.  It produces a very cohesive final product that reflects the way we both want to tell a story.

What else are Mad Robot Comics working on just now?

Edward has his solo project Skate or Die – watch his Kickstarter for that next month.


I’m co-writing a gothic horror graphic novel called Murder Most Mundane – Midsomer Murders meets the Wicker Man.


And of course more issues of Cadavers. Book 3 will be Revenant’s story – and that’s going to be a little different to what we’ve seen so far…..

There’s still over three weeks on the Cadavers #2 Kickstarter to find out more about Poltergeist and it’s more than worth a visit to get hold of this & the previous issue if you haven’t already.

You can also check out the Mad Robot Comics website, Facebook & Twitter pages for updates on all their current titles and what’s coming next.  They will also be attending the True Believers Comic Festival on the 4th of February – checkout their website, Facebook & Twitter for more info.


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