Andy Bloor was already an artist that has impressed with his work in The Wolfmen Trilogy (3rd part pending :)) and Midnight Man but the chance to catch some of his other work in one collection seemed like a slick way to remind myself of how good he is.

This collection of seven stories he’s worked on is a mix of horror, sci-fi & western which he’s worked on with some impressive writers.

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Zombies by Kieron Gillen

Zombie stories seem to have become fairly run-of-the-mill but the Gillen/Bloor combo brings us a cracking story that follows what seems to be a lone zombie going about his daily business but a twist takes it in another direction entirely.  We end up with a different view of how to tackle survival when the undead shit hits the fan.

The Cabinet of Doctor Diablo by John Reppion & Leah Moore

An 18th century automaton seems innocent enough at first but when things close up for the night it’s real motives become apparent.  Sinister in places but a great mis-direction by the automaton to gain what he needs.

Robot by Kieron Gillen

Another fine addition by the Gillen/Bloor combo as the component parts of what makes a robot are broken down to their individual elements.  Great detail in each part that can be created and the final stumbling block leaves a bittersweet twinge to this one.

The Men Who Built the West by Kieron Gillen

Gillen brings us a good old “good vs bad” western as a repair man going about his business is stopped in his tracks by a cowboy hellbent on robbing repair man’s employer.  Cue a gun fight and cruel twist that’s worth a giggle.

Skin Deep by Mo Ali

This feels like one of the darkest stories of the bunch as Mo Ali introduces us to serial killer Melanie.  It’s all a bit “Darkman” as her motives become apparent and while we know the killing is wrong there is still a twinge of pity for the central character and the predicament she’s trying to get herself through.

Diablo Undone by John Reppion & Leah Moore

The return of our 18th Century automaton sees the glory days of travelling the world as an exhibit behind it as an entry in someones’s own collection and the final realization of it’s motives.

Midnight Man: Stitch’n Time by Mo Ali

It’s the return of one of the coolest small press characters I’ve seen and this short gives a glimpse of the Midnight Man’s day to day life.  Passing through time and fucking shit up….in the best way possible 🙂

Andy’s work continues to impress and while this collection shows off his instantly recognisable style it also lets him experiment with different story themes.  Largely dark but covering enough variation to keep away from a feeling of more of the same in each story.  In fact it’s all summed up perfectly in the afterward by John Reppion with his “WE WANT MORE BLOOR!!” – never a truer word said… I’m hoping we’ll see the final part of the Wolfmen too 😀

You can keep up to date with Andy’s work on his website & Twitter plus you can get hold of Andy-Thology online now.




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