Type 1: Origins


The creative minds behind Revolve Comics brought together a team of creators to work alongside Dr Partha Kar, Dr Mayank Patel and some of their patients to bring a comic book about Diabetes to life.

Type 1: Origins follows the life of Gary as he wrestles with homework and the barrage of problems that teenage life brings with it.  Add to the mix the relatable element of being a comic geek and the early symptoms of diabetes and it’s smart approach to explain the basic nature of coping with the things your body throws at you.

Gary 1

Gary’s struggle is very real but the comic eases through the progression of his symptoms and the fear of the unknown that a diagnosis can bring with a great deal of care and attention.  It’s then a case of not letting Diabetes define him and making sure that life continues to be as “normal” as possible…..whatever the hell normal is these days 🙂  We end up with a coming of age story that has a solid message behind it which I’m sure will resonate with many people who either have diabetes themselves or know someone that has it.

Gary 2

The creative team of Joe Griffiths, Andy Broomhead, Danny McLaughlin, Jen Blackwell & Laura Cleverly do a phenomenal job at pulling the issue together and their nods to some recognizable Marvel/DC characters is a slick addition to the story.  Comics in themselves have always been about outsiders or the less than ordinary eking out an existence but the glory of the small press in particular, is that they can tackle real life issues and express positive ideas in a fairly unique way – which is exactly what Type 1:Origins achieves.

You can get hold of this first issue over on the Revolve Comics website for FREE and check out what else they have on offer while you’re there.  You can also keep tabs on what’s next over on their Facebook and Twitter pages.



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