Solstice – Chapter 1: Winter

Solstice Chapter 1: Winter

Revolve Comics bring us the first of five chapters with Solstice: Winter that sees writer Danny McLaughlin team-up with artist Nathan Donnell for a fantasy tale that blends Celtic & Norse elements.

It begins like it’s a story of legend and while that’s true it becomes bigger than that as it veers onto a story of family legacy & the expectation that comes with that.  The “Herald” is tasked with bringing winter to an end as the chosen member faces off against the physical representation of a seasonal god.

Solstice - Winter : interior 1

The latest Herald is Finn and as she follows in the footsteps in one of the greatest Heralds there has ever been, her mother, it becomes a rite of passage as she goes from a girl hearing stories to a warrior facing wolves.  It’s a stunning introduction to the world Danny is aiming to ring to life and while it has a similar vibe to elements of Game of Thrones there’s something far more intricate about this particular fantasy tale.  The world becomes dangerous as the story progresses and that danger is a clear indicator for myth becoming reality as the world seems to place their bets on the latest challenger for good.

Solstice - Winter : interior 2

It could all become generic, especially with that GoT similarity but there are enough twists and turns and a final plot reveal that leaves you desperate to read more….an soon.  The familiarity is what draws us in but it’s the differences that Danny injects and the atmosphere that Nathan’s art builds which makes this a title to stick around for as all five issues hit and with an opening like this it’s got the swagger to deliver on the promises it generates.

You can check out more on this and the other Revolve Comics titles on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.



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