Cadavers #1 : Doppelgänger


The latest title from Mad Robot Comics became a reality thanks to a recent Kickstarter campaign and sees writer Matt Hardy & artist Edward Bentley team-up again for the first in this five issue series.

Cadavers is all about a supernatural world where monsters & the undead are treated like unwanted guests as they become vilified by North Media.  Marckus North, the man behind the fear being generated about the new invaders, is the main target for the team and while they’re mission can’t really get in the way of some drinking, it’s a far riskier time for them than they realize.  Told through the eyes of team member Doppelgänger, it’s a slick tale of espionage and misdirection as they try to get as close to Marckus as possible and derail his plans for revenge as his pursuit of power & profit gains momentum.


It’s a glorious mix of characters in the team that all bring their own “unique” skill-set to their latest mission…..although a basic survival seems like a way of life/un-life as opposed to a mission tbh.  In among the corporate actions from Marckus and the stealth plot from the Cadavers we get to see the team exist in the familiar surroundings of a local pub and as the espionage edge to their attack on North Media unfolds, it’s this personal time that develops a far greater interest in the team themselves.  Drunks, jokers, comedians all seem to be in attendance but the very human trait of eking out an existence adds real heart to the story.

We end up with an opening issue that reads like a bizarre version of Mission Impossible that Jim Henson would create but it’s far more in-depth and intriguing than I was first expecting.  Slick and well-paced it becomes an interesting mix of themes from Matt as his story unfolds.  Edwards art is a phenomenal mix of cartoon & comic and the link between the panels becomes far easier to imagine given the quality on show….which in itself breathes life into Cadavers – which is a glorious contradiction 😉  Smart, funny & stunning to look at…’s probably one of the strongest starts to a new series I’ve read….be that mainstream or small press.

Here’s a look at the cover for the second issue which should be hitting Kickstarter early in 2017.


You can keep up to date with this and the other releases from Mad Robot Comics over on their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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