G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 24 – Ness


Chris Welsh is a writer that’s already impressed with the likes of Wart & Doc Dino but 2016 saw him release the first two issues of Ness and ensure that the whole four issue series will hit print through his successful Kickstarter campaigns.

It’s a glorious story of monsters set in Scotland and after two issues that build-up a stunning world it’s an anxious wait to get our hands on the third & fourth issues.  A smart mix of mythology & scares, it bleeds in the same type of warped wonders that we’ve seen in Wart from Welsh.  This time though he has teamed up with Robert Carey on art, Dee Cunniffe on colours & Rob Jones on letters who all help bring your nightmares to life in an energetic comic crammed with some impressive cinematic moments & claustrophobic scares.  Roll on 2017 and those next two issues!!

Keep an eye out for more things Ness related over on the titles Facebook page and check out Chris Welsh’s website for info on all his work past, present & future.


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