G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 22 – Gone


Simon Birks brought us issues #1 & 2 of Gone in 2016 and it’s slow-burning sci-fi vibe made the welcome jump from Web-comic to print through Blue Fox Comics.

It follows the AssistA robots search for the crew on the Tantallon spaceship that’s left adrift in outer space and while it eased into it’s pace & a sense of loneliness to begin with, it quickly became a desperate hunt for some sort of human contact.  Something in it drew me in and with a unique mix of Wall-E & Silent Running it became a captivating journey within just the first two issues.  Simon is joined by Tom Eddy on art and the old-school computer adventure vibe to the style became an interest choice that made more & more sense as I soaked it all in.  It had a basic look but it perfectly captured the bleak feeling of emptiness in space which lingered long after reading through the trials of the robot that seemed to be exhibiting the human trait of yearning.  There’s an extra nod to Lyndon White for those covers and the team have created a title that leaves me desperate to read more…..that’s GOT to be a WIN-WIN.

You can get hold of these and the other Blue Fox Comics titles over on their website and also keep an eye out for any more updates over on the Facebook & Twitter pages.


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