G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 21 – Dark Night: A True Batman Story


Back in June Vertigo released Dark Night: A True Batman Story which proved to be a unique and much more personal OGN release for 2016.

It retells writer Paul Dini’s autobiographical story of a brutal attack he suffered after walking home one night and while the incident itself is an all-too familiar one the book was much more focused on the struggles to overcome the fear and doubts an attack builds inside.  Far from dwelling on the negative, it’s Dini’s personal journey in search for the courage to keep the recovery going and his involvement with writing some of the greatest villains we’ve seen face-off against the Dark Knight became another barrier he had to overcome but with Batman at his side he fought his way back from the brink.  Dini teamed up with the amazing Eduardo Risso on art duties and they both helped produce an unexpected and unique graphic novel that’s powerful & engaging for the very real human story behind it but at the same time an inspirational example of the positive influence hope can bring in whatever form you find that.

Well worth checking out and you can find out more over on Vertigo’s website.


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