G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 20 – Sink #1


In recent year’s I’ve had some horror titles sneak into my reading list without realizing it and mainly from the indie/small press scene but one of the strongest I’ve read was Sink by John Lees.

John is a creator I’ve followed for a while since picking up The Standard and having gone on to read his And Then Emily Was Gone and more recently Quilte, it’s this most recent release that struck a chord with me and many others.  It feeds on the urban legend of Clowns patrolling the streets in a transit van as they try to pick out the next person they’d like to kidnap – a rumour that surged through playgrounds in Scotland, the UK and beyond fairly regularly but there’s many more parts to his latest title.  Every aspect is a horror one and as it thrives on fears we’ve all held at some point in our lives it’s the unpredictable & unforgiving nature of his story that makes this a compelling read.  Can’t quite face what he is suggesting but can’t look away either.  Teaming up with Alex Cormack & Colin Bell for this ComixTribe release ends up being a master stroke with their similar approach to the tormenting themes that unfold.  Grim, brutal but ultimately fun in a “Can’t believe they did that” sort of way.

You can check out the Sink Facebook pages for more info and see what else ComixTribe have on offer through their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.


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