G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 18 – Black Hammer


This year saw Dark Horse Comics release Black Hammer as Jeff Lemire & Dean Ormston teamed-up to bring us a story of ageing heroes trapped in small-town USA.

The super-team and the pulp-vibe to it was an instant draw for me and while it initially felt like a slow affair it’s actually much more subtle that I’d first expected.  Each character is growing into their own unique place in the team and while some are aching to return to their own time and back into the vibrant days they loved so much while others are trying to fit in and make the most of their lot.  The fact they are all tussling to maintain a normal exterior for the outside world while wrestling through turmoil seems to give it a bittersweet edge that separates from being “just another superhero comic”. Great characters from Lemire & stunning art from Ormston make this a joy to read month after month and it’s one of the titles I wish had a more regular release schedule….keep it coming Dark Horse!!

Go check out the Dark Horse Comics website for more on this & their other titles plus keep an eye out for the first Black Hammer TPB early next year.


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