G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 17 – Metal Made Flesh


Another book I sort of stumbled across was Metal Made Flesh and after two astounding volumes of it and a few tie-in releases it’s become one of the indie releases I can return to again and again.

MMF is the creation of Jeremy Biggs & Simeon Aston and it manages to capture all the very best elements of sci-fi & cyberpunk into each of its releases.  While the world they’ve created is a rich blend of Bladerunner & anime the most recent releases have brought in other creators to help broaden the scope of the MMF universe.  It’s a title that seems to be a constant Kickstarter success and that may be down to a solid fan base that’s been behind it from the beginning but I see constant mention on social media from new fans that are throwing themselves into MMF.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been reading the title from the beginning but I still feel the same awe & wonder at the newest releases from the creative team and even just the mention of new material has me hyped.

You can get hold of the Metal Made Flesh titles and more over on the website as well as the Subversive Comics store.  You can also keep up-to-date with what’s next over on their Facebook page.


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