G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 15 – Vessels


While Dave Cook is in the midst of his Bust title he also released the first of his new series, Vessels and it showed that he was hitting a whole new level with his creations.

It’s a weird and wonerful world of time periods, fantasy and a raw creativeness that is instantly infectious & likeable.  A different theme for Dave to explore but a world that is so well grounded from the beginning that it’s easy to read & re-read within a short period of time and STILL enjoy it in the same way.  Rafael Desquitado Jr. on art, Dennis Lehmann on colours & Garrett Gunn on letters adds the finishing touches to a creative team that are hitting the heights as they progress and the initial look at the second issue over on the Card Shark Comics website emphasizes that the same quality is going to continue.

Keep track of what’s new over on the Card Shark Comics website or Facebook page and you can also check out the ComicHaus website for more on this & Dave’s other releases.  Vessels #1 is also available on Comixology now too.


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