G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 13 – The Awesome Comics Podcast

Awesome Podcast

I’ve only ever dabbled in Podcasts as they never really seem to have been able to grab my attention but this year that changed with The Awesome Comics Podcast.

The trio behind the podcast are Vince Hunt (The Red Mask from Mars), Dan Butcher (Vanguard) & Tony Esmond (Down The Tubes contributor) with the focus for their podcast is to give a platform for Small Press/Indie comics but they’ve covered everything from the likes of distribution to printing and cover general chat about things happening in the mainstream comic scene too……..there’s also the odd fart or sex joke…..so that’s an added bonus.  Behind that overall feeling is a love of the comics medium itself and that’s soething I can relate to through this site fairly easy and while I’ve leaned towards the same premise of reviewing mainly Small Press/Indie…….there’s no doubt there’s a world of knowledge among the three of them for all things comic book related.  76 episodes so far……and here’s hoping there’s hunderds more.

Go catch-up on all those episodes over on The Awesome Comics Podcast website and keep an eye out for their polls and questions over on Facebook & Twitter.

You can also catchup with the gang on twitter & their comic websites:

Vince – @jesterdiablo and The Red Mask from Mars

Dan – @VanguardComic and Vanguard Comic

Tony – @Ezohyez


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