G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 7 – Batfleck


One of the earliest Comic Book movie releases was back in March when DC brought us Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which proved to be fairly divisive from the beginning.  

Critics tore it to shreds while fans embraced it with a much more forgiving sense of purpose and for me it nestled somewhere in between but on the lower end of the scale. Not the complete car crash that was touted but not the sensation that was claimed either and at the time, the biggest positive for me was the introduction of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman.  He seemed to just fit the part perfectly and in the wake of the Nolan/Bale era that was no mean feat.  His controlled playboy Bruce and unrelenting Batman seemed to tick the boxes for what we were all hoping for in a new version of a character we’ve seen numerous times before.  In fact, many thought this was Affleck’s chance to payback the fanboys for the much maligned Daredevil (although I quite liked it) and he definitely made the part his own as he juggled both character elements….so much so that i’m excited for the next set of Batman movies to begin.


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