G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 4 – DC’s Rebirth


Back in January DC started to tease their Rebirth event that would see a new beginning for pretty much every one of DC’s main characters…..it would also see the DC titles on my pull list go through the roof as I chose to jump on board as completely as I possibly could and experience each and every Rebirth title.

While some would decry DC for another new beginning the vast majority, including myself, would embrace it with a sense of belief that we maybe didn’t have before.  An almost weekly new #1 or even multiple #1’s would see some new & continuing creative teams form and strive to bring us something worth reading across the entire DC line and for the most part that became a reality.  Titles were always going to be divisive but it felt like the first time I was seriously sticking with some DC titles and while my pull-list can only sustain a certain number of books there’s certainly a few DC titles that I stuck around for the first arc or two for……and some that I’ll be making a permanent fixture. Well played DC……well played!


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