G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 3 – Skies of Fire


Skies of Fire from Mythopoeia sees writers Vincenzo Ferriero & Ray Chou team up with Pablo Peppino on art, Bryan Valenza on colours and Nic J Shaw on letters to produce another book that I picked up through Kickstarter.

The merest glimpse of the visuals was enough to get me interested but the whole creative team come together to work like a well-oiled machine in a comic about well-oiled machines.  Grand in scale and pitch-perfect in it’s execution it was a joyful mix of war-time adventure and pulp thriller that just screams “G-Man – READ ME!!”….and i’m pretty sure that applies to alot of people with this one.  The world created is intricate and it’s been painstakingly put together to give a fully-charged & multi-layered comic.  The visuals are made all the more powerful with the outsize format they’ve chosen to print in and all in all it’s one I consider a lucky find for me. Stunning!

You can check out more about Skies of Fire over on the Mythopoeia website or the titles Facebook & Twitter pages.  You can also get all three issues over on Comixology.


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