Rok of the Reds #4


After an impressive run in issues #1, 2 & 3, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more and with a steady release schedule from BHP I didn’t have to wait long for Rok of the Reds #4.

After #3 left us with Rok taking care of a corrupt referee, the consequences of that are starting to hit home and along with him struggling to maintain his human form his cover is starting to slip.  This fourth issue opens with an extension of those problems and while he starts to get them under control there’s alot more trouble trying to find him.


Pursuit from other members of his home world and the unwelcome attention of the press are starting to creep in but his football skills are at an all new level and Rok is really thriving on the challenge of improving his on-field talents.  That’s a good thing for the team and the fans but it’s distracting Rok from his quest to complete his song and get back to Arkadi….but the draw of ‘the beautiful game’ is strong.


I never thought I’d be reading a sci-fi/football mash-up let alone be totally sucked into it the way I am with this and that’s partially down to the amazing story Alan Grant & John Wagner have pulled together.  It’s got fun, excitement, humour, threat and given how unlikable Kyle & Rok were to begin with…..I’ve ended up rooting for the whole team to win that cup.  Now I’ve always been a football fan but not really a football comic fan but this has changed that completely.  Dan Cornwell’s art is slick again, much like it has been since the beginning, and with Abby Bulmer’s colours & Jim Campbell’s letters it seems like the perfect team is work on this.  The downside for me is that there’s only two issues left of this to go but it’s more than captured my attention with it’s unique blend of plot lines and I can’t wait to see how things work out.

You can get hold of all this and the previous issues over on the BHP online shop now and keep tabs on their Facebook & Twitter pages for news of what’s next.



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