G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 2 – Captain America: Civil War


While 2016 felt like a fairly middle of the road year for Comic Book movies (at least for me) the biggest surprise came back in April when Marvel released the third Captain America movie with Civil War.

One reason behind that was that it’s based on an event arc that I have never rally enjoyed and while my first gut reaction to the news was an exhaled “oh well” the first glimpse of the trailer had me instantly converted.  Being a Cap fan is probably a big part of that but the whole movie managed to play Steve & Tony off each other well and the whole #TeamCap vs #TeamIronMan became a fun rivalry that help build some more hype.

The movie itself built on the solid groundwork that Winter Soldier had brought back in 2014 and with my low expectations of the event it’s based on and the addition of Black Panther & Spider-Man it ended up surpassing ALL my hopes of what Marvel Studios could add into the wider MCU.  While it may have ended up being crammed full of Avengers it still felt like a strong (maybe the strongest) addition to the movies they’ve released so far and I still feel the same with repeat viewings…..I may even go watch it again right now 😀

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