Blood Blokes #1-6

Blood Blokes

Another recent discovery at this years Thought Bubble was Blood Blokes by Adam Cadwell but as luck would have it, it was the chance to work through the complete 6-issue series in one go.

Central character in Blood Blokes is Vincent who’s stuck on the Cinema day shift on New Year’s Eve and the threat from his boss of having to work the full night too is just enough to push him over the edge.  Cue quitting the job and retreating into a night of celebrating a new year & new start with his girlfriend Jane but even that turns to shit and with two strikes you’d have thought things couldn’t get worse……but then you’d be wrong.  One alleyway vampire bat attack later and he’s classed as dead and he’s a full-on vampire with zero idea of how things work.

A great end to the year

His saviours for this and his guides on his new life are a group of what seem like ordinary folk but Mike, Arianna & Douglas are old hands at this vampire lark and know all the underground clubs & sources of blood.  It’s a case of trying to get used to what his life now is but Vincent’s clinging to his old life and he soon ventures back to seeing his girlfriend with the kind of consequences that melt both their brains.

Douglas Arianna Mike

The ‘dead but not dead’ antics are a glory to read and it’s a world away from full-on gore or sparkly teens but I think that’s down to how Adam handles the situations.  It’s like a sit-com with vampires at its core which brings with it a sense of fun & honesty and the ebb & flow of each characters own personal situation blends together to bring apretty cool story to life.  They are still being watched to make sure that the secret that they even exist doesn’t get out and this introduces a new character who emerges from the shadows to track them all down to make sure they know the consequences that could face them.


The normalization of a vampires life is almost a source of comedy itself but Adam’s natural style of writing means that its a slick read from the very beginning.  It’s an added bonus that he does the art too as I always think there is something unique to a project that has one person in charge of both aspects and it helps even more when the clean, crisp art he has works so well.  It’s inevitably dark with it’s black & white pages and blood craving moments but there’s a real sense of life in his characters that means the complete series is a page turner from the beginning.

You can check out more on Blood Blokes and his other titles on Adam’s website and check out what else he’s working on over on his Facebook page.  I strongly suggest you give this one a try.



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